Project Description

Sporting Events

Save time & eliminate the stresses of commuting.

• No need to worry about traffic, parking, walking, waiting or weather. Clear your mind for your next meeting or catch up on morning emails – your chauffeur will get you where you need to go in the comfort of your own car. • Save time looking and paying for parking and get to your meeting on time.

• Avoid hassles of hiring your own driver. We will take care of the paperwork.

Personalized Service

Your car, your chauffeur, your rules.

• The chauffeur you prefer.

• Your chauffeur becomes familiar with your preferences.

• Your chauffeur is familiar with your route.

• Request the chauffeur you prefer by name.

• Direct contact with your chauffeur.

• Adjust your itinerary on the go, your chauffeur will take care of the rest.

• Your chauffeur as your personal concierge.

• Need a morning wake up call, coffee or dry cleaning to save you time? Your chauffeur is ready to serve you.

Half the Cost of a Limo

By avoiding the overhead associated with maintaining a fleet of black cars and driving you in the comfort of your own car, we can pass the savings along to you & focus on what really matters, providing you with the service you deserve.